Movie Night – Oct. 16

The Autumn seminar is drawing to an end, to be followed by a Movie Night Thursday, October 16.

Doors open at 18:00

Food and soft drinks served til 19:00

Beer and wine served til film begins: 19:15 

The theme:

The recent VOD entitled ‘Seeing Yourself as it is,’ talks about attuning to ‘the rhythm of the being’ and how, from that perspective, the self can be addressed in all its weakness and complexity.

‘When you sign-up, within, to be what you know, you are really taking your self on, as it actually is. When illusion is removed, you’ll realize why, before, you didn’t want to see. When you align to the rhythm of your own being, you’ll be awakening the multi-leveled gauntlet of your self.’  – John de Ruiter

Among other themes, the upcoming film highlights personal shattering, mended by a faithfulness to love. The introduction announced before Monday’s meeting was ‘a depth of love, inexplicable and vulnerable, holding the frailties of the self.’ If honesty allows it to, the love flows through the cracks in the self, painfully perhaps, but with an endless capacity to heal. The upcoming movie shows a loyalty to love, moving deeper and deeper into a brokenness, and from it, blossoming anew.

View the VOD from the meeting with John de Ruiter, October 13, 2014