John de Ruiter Cinema Night Titles

 Enjoy the list of past films viewed with John. The list will be updated after each cinema night. Not all the dates are exact.



American History X (1998)

Tracks (2013)







American History X (1998)

The March of the Penguins

Les Miserables (2012)

Unbreakable (M. Night Shyamalan)





The Diving Bell and the Butterfly September 2014
The Drummer May 2014
The Intouchables April 2014
Rob Roy March 2014
In a Better World February 2014
Avatar January 2014
The Matrix January 2013
Teddy Bear February 2013
Slumdog Millionaire
Shakespeare in Love June 2013
Nanouk of the North
Last of the Mohicans December 2013
Family Man October 2013
The Snow Walker September 2012
The Painted Veil May 2012
Shadowlands June 2012
Predator April 2012
Lord of the Rings, Part 3 – Return of the King February 2012
Lord of the Rings, Part 2 – The Two Towers January 2012
Lord of the Rings, Part 1 – The Fellowship of the Ring January 2012
As Good as it Gets March 2012
The Truman Show December 2011
The Princess Bride February 2011
Shawshank Redemption April 2011
Of Gods and Men July 2011
Gran Torino January 2011
Departures June 2011
Batman Begins April 2011
Mrs. Doubtfire December 2010
Meet Joe Black October 2010
Lord of the Flies March 2010
Evan Almighty April 2010
District 9 May 2010
Avatar December 2010
The Hurricane October 2009
The Edge September 2009
Vanilla Sky October 2008
Unleashed May 2008
The Matrix July 2008
Remains of the Day October 2008
Pleasantville June 2008
Liar Liar November 2008
Gladiator March 2008
Pinocchio (last movie shown until 2008) October 2002
Devil’s Advocate July 2002
Field of Dreams July 2001
The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000
The Green Mile 2000
Powder April 2000
Phenomenon April 2000
Forrest Gump December 2000
Braveheart 2000
The Matrix
Meet Joe Black
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
The Abyss

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