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  • Gardening

    I live on a living thing, on whose radiant crown I settle down. Raking the leaves, like combing this elder giant’s hair, I care For the land on which I stand. So much work,  I scratch his head and wonder what it’s worth, but the garden Was first. I arrived late and noticed who was […]

  • To Summer

    This true beauty, soon to leave, I’ll pluck and keep you in my sleeve To scribble down in a brimming poem. The ripples quiet. I create my own, As you throw out your tameless greens and blues, For human hands to gather up and lose. Heaps of curly kale and chard, And dusk turns leaves […]

  • We Are in Creation

    An Introduction to the Arts as a Modality for Growth Since 2018, I have been studying the field of Expressive Arts Therapy, a slight misnomer, as the “field” is a sphere of realization available to us all. The “expressive arts” refer to energy in the heart, mind, and body — catalyzed by artistic modes such […]

  • Engage!

    I was standing over a cliff in New South Wales, Australia, watching the sea pound at the rocks. I suddenly thought of the principle of engagement, like the water that gets into every crevice and relentlessly does its work. There is no need for thoughts, intentions, or beliefs when you simply immerse yourself into a project. The […]

  • Cinema Night – Tues, March 17

    Owning orientation, manifesting destiny. Reaction is freely available. Love is dearly earned. Approx 2 hours. Rated R Come at 6 for drinks and more. Buckle up for 19:15

  • Cinema Night – Dec. 17

    One snowy evening will find a good many warmly bunched and chilled out. Expect vibrancy and bombast, not without deep still waters like the audience enjoying the screen’s glow. The theme is ‘love…deep love.’  Rated PG 13 Arrive from 18:00 – 19:00 for popcorn (and drinks til 19:15) The film launches as 19:15 Perhaps you […]

  • Cinema Night – Nov. 25

    Our next movie at The College will screen on Tuesday, November 25 Doors, concession, and bar open at 18:00  Concession closes at 19:00 Movie starts 19:15 followed by social mixer And the movie? Picture the ordinary. Now inject a realization, perhaps faint, which grows into a whole new life. No looking back. See you on Tuesday.

  • A Narrative from Across the Threshold

                                My Meeting with John de Ruiter, October 10, 2014 This is a transcript of my dialogue with John, the inner experience of which I describe in “A Forest in Spring Time.” Q: I am excited to be here. Since Nordegg I’ve […]

  • Pangrams

    Pangrams: phrases of minimum length spanning the alphabet. Be no fop. Doze, juvenile qualms!  I know exactly right. Zest for quick waxing just proved humbling. For me, Hugo Weaving strikes xylophonic qualities, just bedazzling! John de Ruiter quotes axe away hazy guff, blocks, and  vamps. A wizard grey, his quest on Styx, jumps for black love.   […]

  • John de Ruiter Cinema Night Titles

     Enjoy the list of past films viewed with John. The list will be updated after each cinema night. Not all the dates are exact.   Movie American History X (1998) Tracks (2013) Month February   Year   2015 American History X (1998) The March of the Penguins Les Miserables (2012) Unbreakable (M. Night Shyamalan) JanuaryDecember […]