Category: Poems

  • Before a Dive

    A being swimming in the deeps While in moonlight a cool wind sweeps. A light appears without warning, But a ripple in the morning, And as I look upon those deeps, I wonder what great truth the water keeps.

  • Speck

    Breath in: the speck of one true thought. Breath out: the rest so truly not. Breath in: the air it needs to grow. Breath out: invested burs of woe Breath in: subtle beauties most forgot. Breath out, and that small truth, now round and full, Bestow

  • Ephemera

    My face that settles, beams and blushes, Sees beauty when she like a fleeting fish The surface brushes, and I through joy and pain, Am happy for the ripples that remain.           Featured Image: Unknown artist

  • Being in My Inner Caverns

    Below the sunshine on my face, kisses on my cheeks, And thieves that test and sculpt the bones underneath. Out I look, and in the ancient meanings stream. Down beneath the flows are nothing they first seem. There a bonded master waits, the unseen errand of the deeps. I faintly see, but know its shape, […]

  • Where are You Imana?

    Fingers strain, clasp, dig. Sinewed fists clench machete Above figures falling like murdered shadows. A red sun glares like eyes carved into dark faces.   It descends and night is filled with crimson. Night deepens and darkness falls upon fantic hands grasping and pulling. I am in a darkness of comprehension, But I know the […]