Category: Poems

  • Gardening

    I live on a living thing, on whose radiant crown I settle down. Raking the leaves, like combing this elder giant’s hair, I care For the land on which I stand. So much work,  I scratch his head and wonder what it’s worth, but the garden Was first. I arrived late and noticed who was […]

  • To Summer

    This true beauty, soon to leave, I’ll pluck and keep you in my sleeve To scribble down in a brimming poem. The ripples quiet. I create my own, As you throw out your tameless greens and blues, For human hands to gather up and lose. Heaps of curly kale and chard, And dusk turns leaves […]

  • Night Flight

    As sweet shapes and shadows cool for night Across the silk sky, owls in flight Feel the winter beneath their wings Listen to ice as it snaps and sings. Such sailing creatures we love to be Or to stand and watch from a mountain’s lee. At once we are these sprites, I know, And two […]

  • Dinosaurs

    The early earth was shaken By mammoth footfall pounding dust, Before the plains were overtaken When we arrived upon the crust. Did they communicate – who knows? In some medium reptilian? As our web and radios Link the tender billions. Did the regal dinosaur Foresee that it would be no more? And did Tyrannosaurus Rex […]

  • Near My Brother

    A regal creature blond and white, In the mountains here at night, Still and gentle in his power, Walks the slopes and valleys lower. This true beauty I have seen Amongst the misty forest green.  

  • The Wild Flower’s Song by William Blake

    The Wild Flower’s Song by William Blake As I wandered the forest, The green leaves among, I heard a Wild Flower Singing a song. “I slept in the earth In the silent night, I murmured my fears And I felt delight. “In the morning I went As rosy as morn, To seek for new joy; […]

  • Eagle Eyes

    Eagle eyes under rocky brows, Hold an original gaze, The meekness of a baby, purling in the shade, And among the cliffs, I follow Streams newborn across an ancient face.  Image from NYE, 2013-14. Unknown photographer

  • Ancient River

    Sunlight plays like ribbons on the surface of the stream, The evening shades of amber coiling round the boulders clean. From hills beyond my sight it runs, the ages to deliver. Now I, naked on the naked banks, step in the ancient river. Along my ribs the current rolls, the heaving liquid gold, And tumbles […]

  • Listening

    Love’s counterfeit, I spit you out. The name will my closed lips more beautifully pronounce. Meek original, unmixed with doubt, Whisper in my heart your holy sounds. The sound without the substance round us rings. The clock ticks out its millions, Choices sating mouths like worms in desperate baby beaks, Nourishing not when it feeds […]

  • Down a Hidden Path

    You criticize me: a spring runs in the sunlight to a shady nook. Slighting words: the soil’s warm between my toes. The wrong is mine: I feel the blossom breeze come in. Birdsong lightens the creative air Where I walk beside the stream. You love me: your lamp-lit house gleams among the dusky leaves.