Category: Narratives

  • A River in the Rainforest: How the Most Beautiful Moments Exist within the Mundane

    Any experience can open up into something life-giving and gorgeous. Environments as unlike as day and night cross-pollinate. A stuffy airport queue recalls a river in the rainforest. Don’t fall for the appearances around you. Behind the veil, between the cracks, beneath the surface, there is beauty and wonder. Let go of what you think […]

  • Appendix

    One year ago, my appendix ruptured in India. It cried out for a week prior to the Emergency Room, and mended over nine months until the bureaucracy mandated surgery. Introducing itself as a rogue, my appendix came to signify a quiet philosopher, showing me how change can come swiftly and with a punch. I saw […]

  • Work Done

    I woke up early for a work session with my dear friend, Tilman. We were replacing the seats in my 1998 Dodge Ram. Strange encounters of the previous day made for an internal renovation more nuanced than removing a pair of seats, and a chill lingered in me. The sky was steely. White light fell […]

  • The Trumpet Player

    Windows were alight in the streets. I listened to the howl of a wolf, but to my surprise it was a trumpet player crooning in the night. Though his trumpet was as luminous as the moon, its timbre was dark. A searing note became a melody. I stepped towards him and he met me with […]