Category: John de Ruiter

  • A Forest in Spring: My Connection with John de Ruiter

    In meetings with John de Ruiter, the prospect of the questioner’s chair was glowing brighter and brighter in me, until a whisper said “go.” Previously in the chair I had reached as deep as possible, but now more intermediate levels were calling. My focus of late had been held less by a sense of responsibility […]

  • Do You Enjoy a Cappuccino?

    Deeper Sense and a Sip of Espresso Coffee takes many forms – as a leading commodity, a ritual of pleasure, as emotional fuel in throw-away cups – or at its most artful, the commingling of espresso and frothed milk. Love goes not only into the brewing, but also the appreciation of a cappuccino, which is […]

  • Honing Perception

    My Perspective on Controversy Associated with John de Ruiter Controversy around John de Ruiter often raises concerns about spiritual organizations and authority figures, as John’s life-story suggests to some a gap between John and the integrity he speaks about. I suggest that John’s integrity is demonstrated in his life and work. If you factor in […]