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  • Vesta Coffee Roasters – Las Vegas

    Las Vegas emerges like a mirage in the desert, and even after several days there, I am still not convinced it’s real. The most clear evidence I have is the lingering taste of the espresso from Vesta Coffee Roasters in the Arts District. The Strip of Las Vegas is a grand spectacle, but when you […]

  • Espresso Guidelines at The Jewel Cafe

    Dear baristas of The Jewel Cafe, thank you for your dedication to the best possible coffee at The Oasis Centre. Thanks to Rogue Wave Coffee, we’re supplied with delicious beans, expertly and freshly roasted. Now it’s our job to render that roast into beautiful espresso shots, cappuccinos, and lattes. Every drink is your personal statement […]

  • Do You Enjoy a Cappuccino?

    Deeper Sense and a Sip of Espresso Coffee takes many forms – as a leading commodity, a ritual of pleasure, as emotional fuel in throw-away cups – or at its most artful, the commingling of espresso and frothed milk. Love goes not only into the brewing, but also the appreciation of a cappuccino, which is […]

  • Espresso

    After five years enjoying the art of espresso, I am now discovering the fineness of its science. Just  a sip of espresso brings inspiration, but as I learn to brew it, I continue to find deeper meaning and layers of appreciation. I will be putting these thoughts into words as well as posting technical updates […]