Author: Nicolas

  • Pangrams

    Pangrams: phrases of minimum length spanning the alphabet. Be no fop. Doze, juvenile qualms!  I know exactly right. Zest for quick waxing just proved humbling. For me, Hugo Weaving strikes xylophonic qualities, just bedazzling! John de Ruiter quotes axe away hazy guff, blocks, and  vamps. A wizard grey, his quest on Styx, jumps for black love.   […]

  • John de Ruiter Cinema Night Titles

     Enjoy the list of past films viewed with John. The list will be updated after each cinema night. Not all the dates are exact.   Movie American History X (1998) Tracks (2013) Month February   Year   2015 American History X (1998) The March of the Penguins Les Miserables (2012) Unbreakable (M. Night Shyamalan) JanuaryDecember […]

  • Eagle Eyes

    Eagle eyes under rocky brows, Hold an original gaze, The meekness of a baby, purling in the shade, And among the cliffs, I follow Streams newborn across an ancient face.  Image from NYE, 2013-14. Unknown photographer

  • Movie Night – Oct. 16

    The Autumn seminar is drawing to an end, to be followed by a Movie Night Thursday, October 16. Doors open at 18:00 Food and soft drinks served til 19:00 Beer and wine served til film begins: 19:15  The theme: The recent VOD entitled ‘Seeing Yourself as it is,’ talks about attuning to ‘the rhythm of the being’ and […]

  • Do You Enjoy a Cappuccino?

    Deeper Sense and a Sip of Espresso Coffee takes many forms – as a leading commodity, a ritual of pleasure, as emotional fuel in throw-away cups – or at its most artful, the commingling of espresso and frothed milk. Love goes not only into the brewing, but also the appreciation of a cappuccino, which is […]

  • Movie Night – Sept. 27

    September 27 is the date of this season’s first movie @ the College. As there is no meeting to announce the details, here is the opportunity to begin posting upcoming film info on Drums and Words. As usual: The movie begins at 19:15 Arrive at 18:00 for snacks and drinks (closing at 19:00) including beer […]

  • Honing Perception

    My Perspective on Controversy Associated with John de Ruiter Controversy around John de Ruiter often raises concerns about spiritual organizations and authority figures, as John’s life-story suggests to some a gap between John and the integrity he speaks about. I suggest that John’s integrity is demonstrated in his life and work. If you factor in […]

  • All In

    Loss, Love, and Transformation in District 9 The world is flawed; humanity is corrupt ─ we know that ─ and we wonder what we can do about it. Neil Blomkamp’s District 9 suggests we be the change, even if change proves to be frightening and unexpected. The film depicts a segregated Johannesburg under the shadow […]

  • Espresso

    After five years enjoying the art of espresso, I am now discovering the fineness of its science. Just  a sip of espresso brings inspiration, but as I learn to brew it, I continue to find deeper meaning and layers of appreciation. I will be putting these thoughts into words as well as posting technical updates […]

  • The Trumpet Player

    Windows were alight in the streets. I listened to the howl of a wolf, but to my surprise it was a trumpet player crooning in the night. Though his trumpet was as luminous as the moon, its timbre was dark. A searing note became a melody. I stepped towards him and he met me with […]