Author: Nicolas

  • Listening

    Love’s counterfeit, I spit you out. The name will my closed lips more beautifully pronounce. Meek original, unmixed with doubt, Whisper in my heart your holy sounds. The sound without the substance round us rings. The clock ticks out its millions, Choices sating mouths like worms in desperate baby beaks, Nourishing not when it feeds […]

  • Down a Hidden Path

    You criticize me: a spring runs in the sunlight to a shady nook. Slighting words: the soil’s warm between my toes. The wrong is mine: I feel the blossom breeze come in. Birdsong lightens the creative air Where I walk beside the stream. You love me: your lamp-lit house gleams among the dusky leaves.

  • Before a Dive

    A being swimming in the deeps While in moonlight a cool wind sweeps. A light appears without warning, But a ripple in the morning, And as I look upon those deeps, I wonder what great truth the water keeps.

  • Speck

    Breath in: the speck of one true thought. Breath out: the rest so truly not. Breath in: the air it needs to grow. Breath out: invested burs of woe Breath in: subtle beauties most forgot. Breath out, and that small truth, now round and full, Bestow

  • Ephemera

    My face that settles, beams and blushes, Sees beauty when she like a fleeting fish The surface brushes, and I through joy and pain, Am happy for the ripples that remain.           Featured Image: Unknown artist

  • Being in My Inner Caverns

    Below the sunshine on my face, kisses on my cheeks, And thieves that test and sculpt the bones underneath. Out I look, and in the ancient meanings stream. Down beneath the flows are nothing they first seem. There a bonded master waits, the unseen errand of the deeps. I faintly see, but know its shape, […]

  • Where are You Imana?

    Fingers strain, clasp, dig. Sinewed fists clench machete Above figures falling like murdered shadows. A red sun glares like eyes carved into dark faces.   It descends and night is filled with crimson. Night deepens and darkness falls upon fantic hands grasping and pulling. I am in a darkness of comprehension, But I know the […]