Author: Nicolas

  • Appendix

    One year ago, my appendix ruptured in India. It cried out for a week prior to the Emergency Room, and mended over nine months until the bureaucracy mandated surgery. Introducing itself as a rogue, my appendix came to signify a quiet philosopher, showing me how change can come swiftly and with a punch. I saw […]

  • Near My Brother

    A regal creature blond and white, In the mountains here at night, Still and gentle in his power, Walks the slopes and valleys lower. This true beauty I have seen Amongst the misty forest green.  

  • Cinema Night – Tues, March 17

    Owning orientation, manifesting destiny. Reaction is freely available. Love is dearly earned. Approx 2 hours. Rated R Come at 6 for drinks and more. Buckle up for 19:15

  • Work Done

    I woke up early for a work session with my dear friend, Tilman. We were replacing the seats in my 1998 Dodge Ram. Strange encounters of the previous day made for an internal renovation more nuanced than removing a pair of seats, and a chill lingered in me. The sky was steely. White light fell […]

  • Cinema Night – Dec. 17

    One snowy evening will find a good many warmly bunched and chilled out. Expect vibrancy and bombast, not without deep still waters like the audience enjoying the screen’s glow. The theme is ‘love…deep love.’  Rated PG 13 Arrive from 18:00 – 19:00 for popcorn (and drinks til 19:15) The film launches as 19:15 Perhaps you […]

  • Strength and Vulnerability

    Strolling in the Shadows of M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable In every dark corner of Unbreakable, the words of Elijah Price linger: ‘it’s okay to be afraid. Because this part won’t be like a comic book. Real life doesn’t fit into little boxes that were drawn for it.’ The film delivers supernatural might to a backdrop […]

  • The Wild Flower’s Song by William Blake

    The Wild Flower’s Song by William Blake As I wandered the forest, The green leaves among, I heard a Wild Flower Singing a song. “I slept in the earth In the silent night, I murmured my fears And I felt delight. “In the morning I went As rosy as morn, To seek for new joy; […]

  • A Forest in Spring: My Connection with John de Ruiter

    In meetings with John de Ruiter, the prospect of the questioner’s chair was glowing brighter and brighter in me, until a whisper said “go.” Previously in the chair I had reached as deep as possible, but now more intermediate levels were calling. My focus of late had been held less by a sense of responsibility […]

  • Cinema Night – Nov. 25

    Our next movie at The College will screen on Tuesday, November 25 Doors, concession, and bar open at 18:00  Concession closes at 19:00 Movie starts 19:15 followed by social mixer And the movie? Picture the ordinary. Now inject a realization, perhaps faint, which grows into a whole new life. No looking back. See you on Tuesday.

  • A Narrative from Across the Threshold

                                My Meeting with John de Ruiter, October 10, 2014 This is a transcript of my dialogue with John, the inner experience of which I describe in “A Forest in Spring Time.” Q: I am excited to be here. Since Nordegg I’ve […]