Author: Nicolas

  • Work Done

    I woke up early for a work session with my dear friend, Tilman. We were replacing the seats in my 1998 Dodge Ram. Strange encounters of the previous day made for an internal renovation more nuanced than removing a pair of seats, and a chill lingered in me. The sky was steely. White light fell […]

  • Strength and Vulnerability

    Strolling in the Shadows of M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable In every dark corner of Unbreakable, the words of Elijah Price linger: ‘it’s okay to be afraid. Because this part won’t be like a comic book. Real life doesn’t fit into little boxes that were drawn for it.’ The film delivers supernatural might to a backdrop […]

  • A Forest in Spring: My Connection with John de Ruiter

    In meetings with John de Ruiter, the prospect of the questioner’s chair was glowing brighter and brighter in me, until a whisper said “go.” Previously in the chair I had reached as deep as possible, but now more intermediate levels were calling. My focus of late had been held less by a sense of responsibility […]

  • Eagle Eyes

    Eagle eyes under rocky brows, Hold an original gaze, The meekness of a baby, purling in the shade, And among the cliffs, I follow Streams newborn across an ancient face.

  • Do You Enjoy a Cappuccino?

    Deeper Sense and a Sip of Espresso Coffee takes many forms – as a leading commodity, a ritual of pleasure, as emotional fuel in throw-away cups – or at its most artful, the commingling of espresso and frothed milk. Love goes not only into the brewing, but also the appreciation of a cappuccino, which is […]

  • Honing Perception

    My Perspective on Controversy Associated with John de Ruiter Controversy around John de Ruiter often raises concerns about spiritual organizations and authority figures, as John’s life-story suggests to some a gap between John and the integrity he speaks about. I suggest that John’s integrity is demonstrated in his life and work. If you factor in […]

  • The Trumpet Player

    Windows were alight in the streets. I listened to the howl of a wolf, but to my surprise it was a trumpet player crooning in the night. Though his trumpet was as luminous as the moon, its timbre was dark. A searing note became a melody. I stepped towards him and he met me with […]

  • Being Differently

     Alternative Modes in The Princess Bride In The Princess Bride, no pain nor danger can diminish the courage and humour of the heroes. The classic fantasy spoof succeeds as a captivating yet hilarious tale of true love. Wesley’s conviction upholds his love for Princess Buttercup, even through near death, torture, and the prospect of living […]

  • An Image of Core-Splitting Honesty in Nanook of the North

    In a Canadian winter 30 degrees below, you can’t help but notice the power of nature, but you can dash from car to house and forget it as quickly as possible. Western amenities let the Northerner ignore the full import of the freeze, which reveals how limited our culture and infrastructure really are. What we […]

  • Ancient River

    Sunlight plays like ribbons on the surface of the stream, The evening shades of amber coiling round the boulders clean. From hills beyond my sight it runs, the ages to deliver. Now I, naked on the naked banks, step in the ancient river. Along my ribs the current rolls, the heaving liquid gold, And tumbles […]